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Breaking News Monster 160 Bass Caught on the new SPRO
New From SPRO for 2018 Part 1 / John Crews' Little John Super DD 90
Jonathon Polites is checking in with a hefty SPRO BBZ-1 Rat catch.
SPRO BBZ-1 Rat Tail Questions & Answers
SPRO BBZ-1 6" Beaver Lake Arkansas
Eric Struck of Parchim Germany and SPRO Deutschland reports on the European fishing action.
California Delta Bass Angler John Polites Knows What to do with the SPRO BBZ-1
Bass Eats SPRO BBZ-1 6" Mackerel and Sardine in Fresh Water
Even Perch Eat Rats, SPRO BBZ-1 Rats That Is, Add Another Species
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“Breaking News: Monster 16.0 Bass Caught on the new SPRO BBZ -1 RAT
Frog. Solid hook set.
Steve Preston checking in at the BBZ with a Casco Maine SPRO BBZ-1 Rat
Oscar Ochoa was the hot stick on this trip. Every time I turned around, he was on a fish. He caught about 7 yellowtail and a variety of other fish.
Freshwater fishing: Largemouth bass remains good for Polk County area anglers.
SPRO BBZ-1 6” Swimbaits; Saltwater Patterns Available At Tackle Warehouse
Last but not least, the Tickle-Tackle Bassin boys with what appears to be a 5′ long buttuh melon:
They Say Bass Are Bass! I Am Here To Prove It! Freshwater Or Salt
Deps Slide Swimmer 250 Butch Brown swimbait bass fishing lure #It'sAllAboutTheBass!
Merging Illusion with Realism; SPRO/John Crews' Little John Baby DD60 imitating a
Bass Brigade® on Instagram: “the angler life. . . . #thewaterismystadium #bassbrigade #brgd”
Land of the giants: Winter whopper land
New From SPRO for 2018 Part 2 / Bill Siemantel's BBZ-1 Rat 25
Black sea bass frequent local waters through November.
TBT: Daryl Zook of Virginia Reminds Us, Not To Forget About the SPRO 4
Lures for Trophy Sized Bass! #BassFishingFacts Bass Fishing Tips, Fishing Bait, Ice
It is official the SPRO BBZ-1 Rat is a Top Rated Off-Shore
Surfcasting for Striped Bass - SPRO Chrome Bucktails. John Skinner Fishing
FBF: Jacob Phillips Gets It Done With the SPRO BBZ-1 4” Shad
#romancastrovlog #kayakfishing #sandiegofishing
Bucktailing the Surf with New Spro Bucktails The Fisherman Magazine
Butch Brown 65lb+ stringer California Catching Monsters, Butches, Bass Fishing, Fishing
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FLW 2016 Buyer's Guide: Top Water Hard Baits / SPRO BBZ-1 Rat 30
Fishing lures | Bait, Fishing lures, Bass fishing
Deps Bullshooter 160 swimbait bass fishing lure. Killer color choices. #deps
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Small striped bass caught by youth angler off the LBI surf.
Does that not make it look bigger or what??
SPRO BBZ-1 6" Custom Brown Trout
Rage_Craw_Color_Selection_Chart2.jpg 960×2,080 pixels Bass Fishing Lures, Fishing Knots, Fishing Bait
SPRO USA: Ventura County Bass Club Seminar Swag
Here's an 11.03 caught at a night 3×9 Tourney on a C-rigged lizard in 8-10′. Bass-head Steve Millsap is SERIOUS about his bassin', ...
The bass are starting to feed up for winter! Another hungry rat bass. Last
Wow, what a diverse collection - Peacock Bass, Spotted Bay Bass, Largemouth Bass, Snake Head, Halibut, Pike, ...
bass brigade
Bass Fishing the Florida Everglades with Captain Shane
One customer Zach was recently in the shop spooling up his Shimano Stella with hollowcore line and gave us heads up he caught a ...
Coastal Angler Magazine - September / Long Island, NY by Coastal Angler Magazine - issuu
Time of Year The water temperature and time of year are another deciding factors for when Lowen chooses one reaction bait over another. “Early in a year, ...
When the bite is on, knowing when to use each type of lure can increase your success throughout the year. Jerkbaits, flat-sided and square bill crankbaits ...
The Angler Magazine - February / Greater Atlanta by Coastal Angler Magazine - issuu
The Angler Magazine - September / Greater Atlanta by Coastal Angler Magazine - issuu
Chris W got him a ? too, posted on the Blaster Facebook group:
Lee said: “I had a very special session at a very special place that I don't think I will ever beat in this country.”
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These are two different fish that I caught last year, that were both caught on the Spro popping frog in green pumpkin. One was 8lbs 6oz, the second was 8lbs ...
Pro Pete Ponds caught him a question-marker on what I think is a Bandit 200?
Sunline Recap from 2018 BASS Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell with John Crews
8.8 # Florida Everglades Rock Pit Hawg Bass Fishing!
Before I discuss seasonal tactics that work well for me, it would be worth discussing a little about how Guntersville bass relate to their constantly ...
Fishing Lures, Lab, Madness, Paradise, Fishing Jig, Labs, Labradors,
Bobby with a nice halibut
Lookit those feesh! Here's his winning stuff:
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Wishing Everyone a Great New Year!
Van P caught in ONE DAY on Rainy Lake, MN, and it's fer sher the best one! The MN special — 1/16-oz black marabou jig — was the deal:
Blastin' off with a mean-lookin' meanmouth caught by @caroncrawdadfishing posted by @swimbaituniverse. Maybe the trout hat gave the swimbait some extry mojo ...
As usual, some of the guys couldn't wait to fish, so they fished at the landing while we waited. They caught some small bass. Our chariot arrived and our ...
Greg Glogow shows a nice fish from Lake Perris
Proper presentation and hookset
Some people go to Alaska and catch a 100 plus pound halibut on their first trip out. Some people go to Alaska and don't know a rod from a reel and catch ...
Perch like the ones Shaw Media outdoors writer Steve Sarley (left) and fishing guide
Get em wet! 3:16 Freestyle in rbtek1 custom colorway 'RSCarp' x
Bass Brigade - The Lunker Bunker. Bass Fishing
AOY Title Goes To Siemantel/Tuttle For NBW. Their 2nd Place Finish Pushed Them
Castaic Catch 22 Swimbait an Offer No Angler Can Refuse
Local yellowtail fishing can be at one of our local islands which is either San Clemente Island or Catalina Island and occasionally Santa Barbara Island.
Catching Bass with wild shiners is perceived by most to be sitting, watching a strike indicator. When done professionally a multitude of factors are ...
... 308 boats even weighed a fish. Winnin' bait was a Bronzeye Poppin' Frog in nasty shad, a color that I heard is named after Dean Rojas' hamster…maybe:
As we've discussed, shallow winter bass fishing is all about warm water. To get the most out of your next fishing trip, make a concerted effort to look for ...
Today's Top 5
5 color patterns; Brown, Grey Ghost, Morning Dawn, Black Ninja, Albino
River2Sea S-Waver. Fishing Lures ...